531 Old State Rt 3, Columbia, IL 62236


At TOP SHOOTERS we are 100% committed to providing you with an amazing dining experience through our delicious food, unmatched service, and incredible hospitality. Even though some circumstances have changed, our devotion to you has not. We want to know some of the steps we have taken to provide you with a worry-free dining experience and ask that you join us in helping to make our restaurant a safe workplace for our dedicated staff and your fellow guests.

Meet the Bartenders

“Hi everyone, I’m Casey Wood! I am from Columbia, IL and attended Lindenwood where I played soccer and studied exercise science. I have been working at Top Shooters for over 3 years. When I am not working, my hobbies are playing soccer, fitness, reading, and gaming. My favorite shot at Tops is Codigo and the shot of the month of course.”


“Hey everyone my name is Sydney Tucker! I am from Arnold, MO and I attended Fox High School. I am currently studying to be an Occupational Therapist. I have been working at Top Shooters for 2.5 years. I love being able to get to know people while slinging drinks. Outside of bartending, I really enjoy baking. My favorite shot at Tops is a Watermelon Bomb.”







“Hey guys, my name is Abigail Krantz! I am from Chester, IL and am currently studying Cosmetic Nursing. I have been working at Top Shooters since July 2020. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, Chloe and Rose. I enjoy weight-lifting and sports. My favorite shot at Tops is the Wapple Bomb.”

“Hi! My name is Morgan Smith. I am from Belleville, IL. I graduated from SEMO and am currently in my first year of teaching. During the school year, you can only find me working at Top Shooters on Sunday, but on my break I will be bartending all summer long! I have been working here for almost a year and a half. My favorite hobby is thrifting and making things for my classroom. My favorite shot at Tops is the Scooby Doo shot.”


Hi, I’m Taylor!! I’m from Alton, IL. I’ve been working at tops since August of 2021, you can find me here day or night throughout the week!! When not working I try to spend as much time as I can at home with my cat or with friends. If you need a shot recommendations  my absolute favorite is a Wapple Bomb or a Root beer Barrel.


Hi everyone, my name is Megan Levin. I am from Columbia, IL and I am currently a sophomore at McKendree University. I am working towards getting my bachelors in psychology. After that I hope to get my masters in family & marriage counseling. I am also a competitive collegiate cheerleader. I have been Top Shooters for almost a year now and I originally started working here because of my sister, Abbey. In my free time, I like to shop, hangout with friends and family, and go to the gym. Come in and hangout with me sometime!

Yo what’s up thanks for scrolling all the way down here. My name is Trent and I’m one of the bartenders here at Top Shooters. I work nights and enjoy every shift. Borne and raised in Ballwin, MO and luckily found my way to Top Shooters two years ago. I plan on attending school at Abbot this summer with the goal of being a firefighter or just hit the lottery if so drinks on me.

Hey everyone I’m Alexa, I’m from California originally but ended up in stl finishing up my cosmetology license which I will be done with in feb 2024. I have a love for anything beauty, outdoors and I’m a big animal lover, come to tops, get a drink and get to know me. 🙂



Hi,I’m Kassidy

I am a full time employee at Top Shooters, I’ve been here for about a year and half! I love all of my co-workers they are my best friends, we all get along so well! Which I love! I’m also very energetic, sociable, and optimistic. 


Hey guys I’m Carley! I’ve lived in Columbia my whole life. I studied at mckendree university and am going for my real-estate license. I love working at top shooters but In my free time I love hanging with my friends or gaming. 


Hi my name is Danielle. I am originally from Colorado, I moved to St.Louis around 3 years ago. I started working at Top Shooters in January, 2024.  I am going to school currently for fashion design. In my free time I love to go on hikes with my dog Ted.


Hi guys! My name is Shyann! I am from Farmington, MO. I am an Esthetician/massage therapist whose love for the bar industry after over a decade in has brought me to Top Shooters! Slinging drinks is just second nature to me. I absolutely love meeting new people and have built many friendships with out customers in  my time here. I keep myself busy with work so I would consider it a hobby of mine but outside of that, I enjoy reading books on self reflection, doing anything outdoors and finding new coffee shops.


Hi guys my name is Holly. I’m 21 years old, I have been bartending at Top Shooters for about 7 months! I’m currently taking classes to get my real estate license!

Hi guys I’m Emma! I’ve been at Top Shooters since October 2020. I was a competitive dancer for 12 years! I love chocolate covered strawberries, my cat Daisy and my favorite movie is, Tangled. In addition to being a bartender, I am also a real estate agent in Missouri. My go to drink is Rumhaven smd cranberry and my favorite shot is a dart tart.

Hi guys, I’m Kajia! I’m from Detroit, MI. originally and have been at Top Shooters for almost a year now. I am a mom of 2 so, in my free time I love spending time with my little ones and cooking, which happens to be one of my favorite hobbies. My favorite shot at Top Shooters is the wapple bomb.

Hi! My name is Erin and I am from Peoria, IL. I came down to the St.Louis area for college and never left! I have a Biopsychology degree and a minor in Forensics. I’ve been at Top Shooters for a little over 2 years. My hobbies include, golfing, shopping and cuddling with my cat, Mazie.

Hey guys I’m Ashton! I’ve been at Top Shooters since May 2023. I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, so you could say I love it a little bit! I’m currently saving up to go to Esthetician school. My free time consists of mom life, metal concerts and the occasional Blues/ Cardinals game. I love cooking and all things makeup, I’m pretty good at both! My go to drink is lemon High Noon and a shot of Rumplemintz.

Hi guys I’m Lexi! I’m from St.Louis and I’m newest bartender at Top Shooters! I started here around the end of February 2024. When I am not working I’m doing hair, hanging out with family and friends or traveling!

Hi guys! I’m Sky, I am from Alton, IL. I started at Top Shooters in February 2024. I have a mini dachshund named Bear and he gets all of my free time! My favorite shot is green tea and my favorite drink is, Bacardi and Dr Pepper. Let me serve you, smiles included 😉